Lost Falls
Me in the morning light at Lost Falls near Cornucopia, WI

When working a full time Job, you will most likely find me staying up late after the work-a-day hours “peeling away” layers of stone, working on a wood carving, editing photos from a recent outing, painting, updating a few websites or one of many other work related things. When not working a full time job, I will and have worked 80 hour weeks on my creative projects. Of course, I do take time to hike outdoors as often as I can (however, sometimes this can also be considered work, if I have my camera gear with me, intent on capturing moments).

I am a wanderer who wanders in creative ventures – photography, painting, sculpture/lapidary, carving, words and music. My inspiration comes mostly from nature and being outdoors as I wander, making a new path each time, following familiar trails or exploring new places. Most of the images you will see on this site are from the upper midwest – Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Welcome to my blog at Wanderpath Art (AKA “Wanderpath”)

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