(Revised 11/10)

I’m up to no good! I’m back at it a bit here… probably not with any great presence, still. However, I am changing things here. Finding a new path for this website/blog/whatever-one-calls-these-things.

First… I’m really unhappy with this theme I am using. Also, kind of unsatisfied with the lack of CSS and HTML editing in the free version. With that said, I have to go back to the drawing board… see if I can find a better, cheap, free way to present my works – WITH better editing capabilities. Sure, I have an Etsy shop, Facebook (UGH, don’t get me started on how awful FB’s user interface, design, *ETC ETC* is), and Instagram. I really just want to have a nice, simply laid out website, preferably one without such horrible, asinine ad space at the top (sheesh… what happened to the single thin 100px wide banner ads??? These large, 4-up chunky box ads defecate on my site design!).

Second… I had to delete some of the blogs from before. For one, they were just kind of messy, not well thought out…….. annnnnnd here I had written a long-winded rant because I was upset at someone that I had posted compliments about (Maybe I am still upset a tad, but I was “in the moment” when I wrote it – actually, not RIGHT in the moment, I gave myself time to think about things). I did send them the link to the blog where I gave my honest compliments, but… never heard a peep from them. I don’t remember, but maybe I said that they didn’t have to respond? Who knows why. That’s not what my rant was about, however. I was just a tad perplexed and yet never asked if they saw it. Well anyhow, since this site is supposed to be about displaying my works and “blog on” (blab on) about creative “wanderpaths”, I decided to delete what I wrote. Not only because it’s just way off topic, but because I came to the realization that it’s just immature. I didn’t call anyone out by name, nor was it really mean – it was more or less just me venting and thinking out loud. In hindsight, however, this (whole experience in the past two weeks) is a part of the creative process, too, as it is a factor, a portion of life’s experiences, and these are the parts that affect me, my energy, how I create, the frequency at which I create, etc etc blah blah…

For now, who knows what it will come to. I don’t think it’s anything really bad, and I certainly hope it doesn’t continue the way it is between them and I. Time will tell, I suppose. Without conversation to clarify things, I think it could possibly become worse, or maybe just clear on it’s own. Communication – there were definitely hiccups, and I most certainly was not helping in that regard. I think that’s the main issue – whether or not they would agree. Right now, it’s just margarine on gluten-free bread – ie, not so good, doesn’t seem real, it’s food, sustenance, but it’s not really butter and not really bread and a little bit hard to digest. I know things always work out, one way or another – so obvious a saying. I just hope it clears positively, because honestly, I really liked hanging out with them every so often, despite our misunderstanding(s). I really have learned some cool things from them (if not maybe, maybe some life lessons), and I would like to think, even though they may not admit, that they have learned some things from me. :)

It is time for me to create. After all, that is what this website is to show – my creations, however humble they may be. I apologize for going off on a tangent, here. THANK you for listening to my somewhat off-topic (edited and improved) rant.


Another day (or two)

For the past two days, I have literally worked for 24 hours, to sum up each approximate actual hour worked. There have been points where I literally would hold my pee in before I would even get up out of this chair – I was intensely trying to get an image edit/web edit done! Must. Wait. To. Pee. While I DID leave my place yesterday for a bit, (I went out and did businessy things {bought “shop” stuff, like, well… um… protective eyewear for both wind protection while I am outdoors and for carving wood and shaping stone, then went to take pictures of the “angry” Lake Superior waves on a cold windy day}, I did NOT leave my place today. I didn’t even leave my chair much, save for the obvious needed reasons (as stated before). Yes, I did eat lunch and take a “lunch break” and watch a show while eating… but I was still fastened to this chair, and eventually working on images, researching, calling vendors, etc after just an hour break.

I even took two hours last night as a “break” to work on a cabochon, stone work. That… is still… work… right?

The strange thing, though, is that I feel like I did nothing. Really. Can someone tell me what’s up with that? Maybe it’s just a psychological thing.

I am currently working on this site (, my Etsy shop (humble as it currently is):, and my facebook page: . It’s not all straightforward as it would seem or I would wish – maybe that’s why I am not feeling like I have accomplished much ……. as I have to edit photos, and I have to EDIT them to make sure they are right, then think about it, then post it, then say “no, not good”, re-edit, post again, write a new Esty bio, etc etc blah blah blah. Two steps forward, one step back? Two steps back, one step forward? I DUNNO ANYMORE! :)

Anyhow, how come I end up feeling like I did nothing? I’m not completely new to this – I’ve tried many times to get a website going, e-commerce… sell my stuff… etc… but now.. I just want it out there and done, and I want it done right, but… but… but…

There. Was that a rant? I’m not even sure. Let’s see what happens.

Hit By A Wave

I placed myself here in this spot thinking that I might be safe, but then, as I set up the camera and tripod, I looked around… hey… the rocks are wet… hmmm… So I stayed anyhow and tripped the shutter on repeat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the fastest setting enabled for a more detailed animation… but you get the idea. Such fun!